Recently my life has undergone some drastic changes.  The one I’m going to talk about might not be the biggest of those changes, but it is the change that is the closest to my heart and the one that draws me back to God’s feet over and over again to thank him for his faithfulness in my life.  I’ve had segments of time where nothing seems to happen and my life stretches out before me like an endless drudgery and then other times where everything changes at once, and this is one of those crazy multi-changing segments.

I had forgotten how affirming it is to have someone look in my eyes and tell me that God’s work in my life is evident and that he will use me to do amazing things.

Now, I’m a big believer in finding your affirmation in Christ and being confident of your calling regardless of the people around you, but I also believe that God uses others to confirm himself to you.  It made me realize that one of the things that had been lacking in my life was a strong sense of calling, and even thinking back over the past couple of weeks makes me teary eyed because through each individual who encouraged me God made his pleasure more and more clear.

Have you lost that sense that God is doing something specific and beautiful with you?  Does it seem more likely that you will live a mundane life and never feel like you ever found “the thing” that he wants you to do?  I don’t believe it for a second.  He is too big of a God for that.

Maybe you need to go through your life looking for places that you have not turned over to him, maybe you need to learn to be faithful in the basics, maybe you need to figure out what you are passionate about and start doing it on the side, or maybe you need to give up what you thought was your dream and start wholeheartedly doing what he has put in front of you.

In my case I think it was a little bit of all four.  I had big areas of my life with KEEP OUT signs posted all over them, I was studying the Bible for my college classes but was not being faithful in spending alone time with God, I had stopped thinking that maybe I could do this music thing after all and I had started focusing on one dream and not pursuing the other one that God was opening doors in.  But God.  BUT GOD, who is faithful to love me at my worst and faithful to wait for me to turn to him was ready as soon as I let him into my life.  He swooped in and rearranged everything, and now I feel like the garden of my heart is blooming again after a long winter.

You can do this.  The same God who is faithful to me is waiting for your heart to soften toward him too.  Beautiful things will happen, and I’m excited to tell you the moment I start to see the flowers bud in your life.

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