The Parentals.

I love hearing my parents share their testimonies. Last night we were having a small group at our house; everybody sat around the campfire while the kids threw rocks at things and my parents started talking about how they have seen God work in their lives.  In both of them I can see the results of walking with God for almost 40 years—confidence, joy and a deeply seated trust that he will always provide no matter how big or small the need is.

Coming up on 20 years of following Christ, it makes me wonder if my life is starting to show those same signs. Mom and Dad’s stories are encouraging because I can see that they struggle with many of the same things that I do and God is still working, shaping, changing and blessing.

I appreciate their spiritual maturity, the fact that I have seen them choose God’s will over their own on a regular basis and the pattern of godliness they set for their children. We know what godliness looks like because of the daily effort our parents made to set it before us, what a great sacrifice on their part! And what a challenge for the four of us kids to do the same!

Deuteronomy 6 instructs parents to impress the commandments on their children and to talk about them constantly, basically to center their lives on God and train their children to do the same. I want to be that kind of mom… and seeing my Mom today gives me hope that I can be.

Tomorrow is 29 years!  Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

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