The Switch

So I’m leaving Xanga.  It’s a big decision to leave behind 8 years worth of blogging and start over, but I realized that the only thing keeping me there was my wonderful blogging friend Macy.  Xanga has gotten so far behind and won’t integrate with things anymore.  Even trying to export my posts and move them over here was absolute chaos and totally not worth it, so if you are interested in what God has been teaching me for the past 8 years, head on over to and enjoy.

This new blog is exciting, though I’m not one for super rad emo blog names, I tried to go with something personal to me which is the whole oak of righteousness theme from a song that I wrote and have been able to share a lot recently.  You’ll find the story and be able to listen to the song from the tab at the top of this page.

Thatsss…… probably it.  Love you all, have a good night.  🙂


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