Forgive a little.

“We are saved–as a group; praying together, correcting one another, forgiving one another, stumbling along after Jesus together, memorizing the moves until his way has become our way.”  –Willimon & Hauerwas

It is easy to look at our fellow Christians as hypocritical, self-centered and attention seeking… because they are.  What is harder to see is that we are as well; we are wallowing in our filth and pointing an accusing finger at the other wallowers.  I actually love when the Bible uses harsh imagery to describe the ugliness of sin because I know that I don’t hate it enough unless I see that it really is that ugly.  Sin is not just a naughty thing that we should not have done, it is outright rebellion and a slap to the God who treats us so graciously.

When I recognize the ugliness of my own heart I can find the humility to forgive others for their ugliness too.  We are together, as it is, for better or worse.  A huge group of ugly wallowers stumbling after Jesus.

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