Activism and Dating Jesus

Two things have convicted me recently.  The first was a video by one of my favorite Youtube contributors…

and the second was an article from RELEVANT Magazine entitled Jesus is Not an Online Boyfriend.

Both, although about totally different subjects, are trying to get their audience out from behind a computer screen and into the real world to really interact with real people, real causes and the real God.  Jordan tells you that you aren’t really an activist just because you bought the tshirt of every human trafficking organization at CreationFest.. (Okay, so he didn’t mention Creation.  That’s my guilty conscience ratting on me.)  An activist is someone who actually does something to stop the injustice that they oppose.  Giving money, raising awareness by telling others, doing research, hosting events, going on trips.. those are all things that an activist does.  Buying the shirt is cool and helps raise awareness by like 1%.

Kurt Willems from Relevant Magazine starts out talking about how some people fill their significant other shaped hole by “dating Jesus” or using him as a romantic filler until another spousal prospect comes along, then he goes on to the main point of his article which is his tendency to have an online religion of reading Christian blogs, commenting on inspirational posts, encouraging those people who post vague emo statuses and getting a high from all the godly interaction online.  Those things aren’t bad, and I like the way he says that “the Internet is a gift to [his] faith” because it allows him to interact with other believers easily, but it won’t substitute at all for a real relationship with Jesus.

“Take time today to walk away from the screen and sit under a tree with your Bible. Go for a run and chat with Jesus as you pass trees, cars, birds and squirrels on the ground. Ask God how you might take Christ’s love into your neighborhood and city. And simply be with the Holy Spirit in the real world.”

I need that reminder to close the laptop, put my phone down and actually pick up my Bible.  Or maybe to spend some quality time praying about what I can actually do instead of throwing $20 at a website and waiting for my new tshirt to come in the mail.

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