Same-Sex Marriage (part 2)

Out of the Ashes

In the comments section from yesterday, Kevin raised one of the more interesting “problems” surfacing from this whole debate.  As I mentally wade into this issue, I’m realizing one problem is I don’t have a clearly defined definition of what actually is a Biblical marriage.  Let’s illustrate…or in keeping with the approach in these posts, lets ask some more questions.

Suppose Jack and Melinda meet up for the first time while partying amongst friends in a Las Vegas taproom.   Sparks fly, several rounds are ordered, and on a whim of drunken spontaneity, they stumble into a small chapel, exchange words (which they’ll struggle to remember in the morning) in the presence of a rent-a-priest, and sign documents that make them legally married in the eyes of Las Vegas.  How about your eyes?  Do you see them as married?

Or let’s say Maria is desperate to become a U.S. citizen and…

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