an old letter to my daughter….

This is a letter my Mom wrote to me years ago about being a single woman. It is so full of wisdom and amazingly helpful advice, so please take the time to read it and share it, then check out her blog for more godly insight on being a wife.

The Happy Wife of a Human Husband


Hi babe–I’m not sure I ever finished this & sent it to you! Sorry ’bout that….since I want to use it for the Famine study with the girls, I’m finishing it & sending it to you & sharing it with them, too.

It’s also been a challenge to organize my thoughts on what God has taught me about the lust/sex thing…the hunger for satisfaction. But if I ever actually write my book about Happy Wife/Human Husband, I need to have this chapter in it. So you are giving me incentive to do what God & your dad have been suggesting I do.

As you know, I was sexually molested by a cousin while growing up. One of the confusing things for the “victim” is the awakening of desire…it does feel good & you have a lot of conflict about guilt and shame at the same time you are experiencing a…

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