Guam First Impressions

I’m here!  Yesterday was my first full day in Guam, Manny took me to Gab Gab beach and we went snorkeling which was amazing.  I’m still iffy about scuba diving, but I think that I’ll get my nerve up soon.  As far as scenery goes it is interesting here, from different trees and flowers to the beautiful ocean and sketchy looking shops plastered with colorful posters.  The buildings aren’t made to look beautiful, but to stand up to typhoons and so they are all short and squat and concrete.  Lots of things here remind me of Brazil, actually.

We attended the chapel on base this morning and I got the keys to the car that I’ll be driving for now.  I think I’m headed down to the Kmart to find clothes hangers and other various stuff this afternoon, then tomorrow I have meetings set up for both of my jobs and hopefully I’ll be getting a phone.  Exciting stuff, eh?

I have made my first Guam friend, a girl named Ashley that we went to see a movie with last night.  If everyone here is as nice as her I shouldn’t have any problems for the next 6 months.  🙂


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