Jesus and the Mechanics of Change (Same Sex Marriage, Part 3)

Aaron–I know I’m reblogging everything that you write… sorry. 🙂 I agree with so much of this–that legislating against sin doesn’t change the heart of the sinner and that the way Jesus went about creating moral change was individually. I actually think I agree with allowing same sex couples to have the same state benefits that everyone else does because in the end they are people, and people who are living in sin will be punished by God, it isn’t my job to make them sorry for their actions. If we can love the PEOPLE, regardless of what they are doing and then lovingly share the gospel with them, I think we can trust the Holy Spirit to convict them of their sin.

Out of the Ashes

Mission and mechanics, aim and approach, the end product and the how to – both perhaps equally as important to think through as the other.  Or so my ’91 Jeep might remind me every time she sees me walking towards her with hammer in hand (the only tool I know how to use).

Or so Jesus might remind the Church every time He sees us going at His mission by…

Let’s back up for a minute.   Let’s reaffirm that as the family called to follow Christ in mission, we are to be (among other things) a people who intently expose sin and wage against its wretched effects “far as the curse if found.”  Shame on us if we ever slip into the culturally comfortable routine of “accepting” one another’s faults and becoming cozy with the fact we live in a fallen world.  The more we slip in that direction…

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