My mom keeps comparing my brother and I to a newlywed couple learning to live together.  I don’t appreciate the comparison.  I’m sure that married folks do go through similar arguments and misunderstandings but when I’m trying to deal with a bullheaded man who seems to look at the world with a splinter/plank mentality it is irritating to be told that I’m helping to prepare him for marriage.  His poor woman is all I can say.

The thing is that I love my brother a lot.  His attitude and words can really hurt me because I want to be loved by him in return and it is hard when he doesn’t show me that he cares in ways that I get.  Okay, okay.  I see the marriage comparison.

Every week that I talk myself into going to Zumba classes, I feel my body getting better at it.  I can add the arm movements to the intricate steps now and it is easier to pick up the moves.  The constant burn in my muscles lets me know that I’m doing something and getting stronger.

I guess the same could be said for my relationship with Manny.  I’m working on communicating with him and trying to see his basic point even when he says things in the rudest possible way.  The times that I get hurt are proof that we are still interacting.  And each time I’m (hopefully) getting better at keeping my head.

Whoever he marries had better thank me.


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