Being a Businesswoman

One of my current goals is to be a virtual assistant, which is a person who is hired to perform projects or ongoing tasks for an individual or business.  The pros are that the employer does not need to deal with taxes, office space or the need to fill up 20+ hours of someone’s time a week, but they can give the VA just the jobs that need done or just hire them for a certain number of hours to be a helping hand.

The pros for me are that I can do things I love like designing and organizing stuff without being stuck in an office for hours on end and it gives me an income that is flexible and yet consistent if I can find clients who will hire me for ongoing jobs.  So far, my clients consist of friends and family members, but I’m having fun doing the designing part of it.  You can go to my official webpage or click here to check out my Facebook page and portfolio.

With my website set up and a few projects under my belt, it really comes down to a waiting game now.  I apply for different jobs on virtual assisting websites and try to get my name out and then I wait and pray for the right jobs to come along and the right people to see my stuff.  There are tons of sites about attacking the business/marketing world and getting yourself out there, but I’m not looking for loads of traffic, I’m looking for a few people that want a friendly and efficient person to help them get their business running or design a new look for them.

Being a wise, godly businesswoman involves uncertainty and trust.  But it’s a good thing, because at this point in my life those are the two things I’m super familiar with!  Uncertainty about what the heck is going to happen next and trust that whatever it is, He is the one taking me there.


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