Something is different…

WordPress put up some new themes.  🙂

I loved the simplicity of this one but I’m a little sad to lose my sidebar, plus my blog name doesn’t really fit with this theme.  I was thinking about changing my blog name, not to something balloony, but just to something else.  I was going to write you a list of possibilities, but I could only think of one real possibility,

Rebuilt – based on Jeremiah 31:28 “ I have watched over them to pluck up and break down, to overthrow, destroy, and bring harm, so I will watch over them to build and to plant, declares the LORD.”

I don’t know if it’s a good change or not.  It’s not like I’m a brand and changing my name would lose followers.  Whoever came up with giving your blog a dumb symbolic name anyway??  I wish I could just call it something generic, but then I’d have to look at my lame-o generic blog name every time I check WordPress.  lol.


After a long brainstorming session with my Momma, we’ve come up with a new title.  I was never happy with “Oak of Righteousness” for the song either, it just didn’t have the cadence or feeling that I was looking for.  So we went on a brainstorming mission, keeping with the song for our main base.  I went through every line, trying to pull out something, and Mom kept pairing random words with “Acorn”, but in the end I think the last words of the song keep ahold of the meaning and theme while giving it a little more umph.

“You’ve made a tiny acorn grow into a righteous tree.”

Righteous Tree at first makes me think of the gigantic oak trees that are scattered around our property back in Adams County, PA.  Secondly, it makes me laugh because I imagine some rasta hippie saying, “Totally righteous, dude.”  And thirdly I guess it reminds me of how I’m tall and strong and solid in the eyes of God, his planting and cultivating of righteousness in my life haven’t been in vain and through Jesus I am blameless without a trace of rot in my core.  The kind of tree that will stand for hundreds of years.  So henceforth, my blog and my song shall be re-dubbed “Righteous Tree”.  Still not connecting the balloons, but .. deal with it.

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