The Countdown…

If there is one area that God grills me on it is the fact that I find it very hard to be content.  When I was a kid I wanted to grow up, when I was unemployed I wanted a job, when I had a job I wanted a different job… I’m always moving around and counting down to the next move, the next phase.  Very rarely am I content with something as it is.

I have two weeks left in Guam and I’m counting down for the next change, but I’m starting to catch on without God’s smack in the back of the head that I need to rest.  Be content where I am and with what I’m doing, make the time here count.  Be present.  Jim Elliot’s famous quote says, “Wherever you are, be all there.”  

The other evening I pulled off into one of the little pavilion areas on the bay and sat there drinking in the sunset.  I love looking at the ocean because it is so vast and empty, in many ways this little island makes me feel claustrophobic, but the ocean calms that part of me that feels caged in.  I’m going to miss the majesty of it.  I’m going to miss the sky with it’s vibrant colors and clouds every night.  I’m going to miss the hazy jungly backyard mornings and the warm wet twilights after the rain.  I’m not going to miss the geckos running around under my feet or the spiders and cockroaches all over the house.  🙂

Guam has been lovely and I’m proud to be able to say I lived here for a short five months.  But I’m going to take these next two weeks and soak up all that I can before heading back to my slightly less majestic but just as beautiful home.

One thought on “The Countdown…

  1. … a beautiful commentary on your home in Guam, Bethany. I had to smile when you mentioned geckos. We had them in our apartment in India all over the walls in the living room and kitchen. We had to remind ourselves that God loves even the geckos.

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