Being a Blessing.

Last spring in one of my classes, Mr. Hollingsworth asked me to write down what my objectives are in being a worship leader and my initial response was that my goals is to be a blessing to the local church.  He looked at me a little oddly when he read that but as we talked he said that I should keep that word because when I said it my eyes would light up.

I can remember a few different times when I’ve made my goal simply to be a blessing.  The year that I was at home working in between my two years at the Ranch my main goal was to live in such a way that my family would miss me when I left.

A few weeks ago I heard a sermon where it was put a different way: to be a refreshment to those around me.  I love that picture!  I want to be the kind of person that refreshes everyone else by my attitude and by being generally helpful and pleasant.  Not always as easy as it sounds, for sure.

The next stage of my journey home is here in Colorado with my grandmother, uncle, aunt and cousin.  There’s a lot of stress, a lot of running around and work and school and doctors, along with concerns about health and other household maintenance stuff.  I want to be a refreshment to them more than anything.  I want to do the dishes and listen to old stories, help clean out the cupboards, ooh and ahh over the places they take me and sit around doing puzzles and watching movies with Gram.  I want to be a blessing to my family by being as helpful and happy as I can possibly be.

Making a conscious effort to be refreshing is difficult and draining.  I’ve developed a habit of needing lots of alone time and gravitating toward my room, but I have to make the effort to interact and give my heart when I would rather not.  But that’s what being a blessing is, right?  To consider the other before yourself, to give when you are feeling selfish, to love in the way that they need to be loved.

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