Thankslist 2012

  • Spring semester at LBC and the encouragement and challenge that my classes were to me.
  • Getting to live with Flo!  What a great woman to spend those few months with.
  • Helping with music at BFC of Adams County was such a huge encouragement and a way for me to feel connected and loved at a church again.  I needed that little family of Christians to give me a place to belong and to serve.
  • Making great friends at LBC like Liz, Alicia, Aimee, Shannon, Rhinda, Candice, Meredith..
  • The opportunity to go to Ireland with the LBC Chorale.
  • Getting to visit Manny in Guam for the summer and fall, which was truly one of the most amazing opportunities of my life.
  • The way that God provided exactly what I needed each step of the way, like Johanna buying my car which gave me enough money to buy my return ticket and pay bills when I lost my job.
  • The relationship I developed with my Mom while being away.
  • Spending quality time getting to know and love Kandis
  • The wonderful fellowship I found with Bayview Church in Guam and the young adult group there, the way that they welcomed me in and made me their sister from the beginning.
  • My favorite Barefoot Worship Band.  🙂
  • The girls that I got to pray with every week and love–Christel, Trixia, Sarah, Lori..
  • For people like Jason and Liz who kept in contact and loved me even when it wasn’t convenient.
  • Getting to meet new friends like Steffani, Rosie and Ashley.  Each have filled a place in my heart.
  • The tough times that God brought me through which forced perspective into my life and helped me to draw closer to his side when I was in pain or confused.  His ever present love in my life has been the rock that I hold on to through each storm.
  • All the amazing love that I’ve gotten from my friends and family in my adventures this year.
  • Opportunities to serve through my graphic design business–Faith Bookstore, Greenscapes, Elkwater, Pioneer Artisanworks..
  • Getting to visit my family in Colorado and love on them, especially spending time with Grandma.
  • Seeing Macy and Joe in one week!!
  • Having a new love for my family.. Dad and Mom, Manny, Luke and Sarah.  I’ve found myself learning to appreciate their place in my life so much more than I have before.
  • The strides I’ve been able to make in learning to forgive, which has changed the inner workings of my mind and heart.
  • Becoming a blogger and encouraging people with my writing.
  • Getting to come home from my pilgrimage in time for Christmas with a loving family, a familiar house, a steady job and a bright future!

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