Measuring in Inches.

Written by Andra Loy from (in)

My son overheard me asking my husband if we had enough gas to get to the zoo in Ostrava.  So the whole drive he sat in the backseat, stressing about getting there on a low tank of gas and finally asked,“How many inches is it to Ostrava?”

I kept my snort to a quiet minimum and told him he could convert kilometers to inches when we got home.  Then I added, “It’s a LOT.”

Why is it funny?  Because it’s ridiculous to measure something so far with such tiny measurements.  But he’s six years old.  Kilometers (because we live in Europe) mean nothing to him.  He’s little and little inches make sense.

But isn’t that exactly what we do?  We view our life and our circumstances with our little measurements.

“How much longer do I have to put up with this?” “Our family was sick for three weeks in a row!”

“Only two months until Christmas – I’ll never have the shopping done by then.”

“Only three people responded to my invitation.”

And how does our Father measure?  The distance from star to star, eternity.  And in the same way as measuring 36 kilometers with inches, it’s ridiculous to measure our lives, our circumstances, without using eternal measurements.  How much less complicated would it be (although mind-blowing)(which is actually a good, fun thing) for my son to use kilometers?  It takes no genius to see that the less math we have to use, the easier and simpler the issue.

Yet why does using kilometers take less math?  Because the distance to the zoo is already measured in kilometers, not inches.  And our lives are already measured, originally conceived and created on the eternal level.

We must view life in the light of eternity and measure our days with eternal measurements.   “Why has God allowed this issue in my life?”  “What is God trying to teach me?”  “What is the important thing I need to focus on right now?”  “These people in my life were hand-picked by God for me to encourage and minister to; how can I do that?”  These are not the ridiculous questions.  These questions measure in God’s kilometers.When we try to convert our issues into minutes, days, years – numbers – we end up with bloated perspective (like one million, four hundred and seventy two thousand, three hundred and twenty two inches to the zoo).  This translates into impatience, stress, worry, and depression.


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