A Real Post.

When I got to my relative’s house in Oklahoma, Aunt Terrie had warned her family that I would probably not even really be there mentally.. after six months away from home and now so close to the end of the trip she told them not to expect too much out of me.

IMG_0458This last week of traveling has actually been so refreshing.  I’ve been running around and so busy that I have no time to update things online (which means I’m really living!!) and I’m completely tired from too many late nights, but I have had so much fun and felt so loved that it was like a soul rejuvenation.

I was wishing for more time to spend with Macy and Joe.  The first two days we did absolutely nothing.. just alternated between having deep meaningful conversation and watching mindless TV shows, both of which were equally relaxing.  Then we snapped out of our laziness and saw Christmas lights, monuments, botanical gardens, live nativities.. walked all over OKC enjoying the Christmasy-ness.  Stayed up way too late and got up way too early, walked like zombies around the zoo and then met my uncle for the final Oklahoma stay.

My uncle and his family have this cool little farmish type thing with lots of animals and land.  It’s just a restful beautiful place.  We got obsessed with card games, went looking at more Christmas lights and to the aquarium.  Even though I was ready to leave, I couldn’t believe how amazing it was to hang around a family with lots of kids again.

So each section of this trip has been wonderful in different ways and now I have only a few short hours (and one more quick visit at the DFW airport!) till I’m home with MY family in MY house with MY (sister’s) dog and my wardrobe can expand more than a suitcase full of clothing.  I’ve already said things that God taught me so I’m not going to drag on trying to make this uber spiritual.  I’m just happy and excited and content with what I’ve done and where I’ve been and what is next.  It is a good place to be!

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