Your Spiritual Credit Score

Working at a credit union means I’ve gotten a pretty good view of one of the most personal things about people—their finances.  I’m the one that knows if they have trouble paying their bills, if they have skeletons in their credit closet, if their spouse took them for all they were worth before they left… I’m the one they look at with hope when we are putting in the application for a loan and the one they avoid eye contact with when they get denied.  I’m the one who listens to their stories about how they got where they are and tries to give solutions to get them out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves.

I’m realizing how much this job gives me an appreciation for people.  When Jesus says, “Where your treasure is there your heart will be also” I feel that I understand what he was talking about.

So in our company I’m not the one who makes loan decisions, but everything is based on the almighty credit score.  Your entire life’s history of borrowing, payment and debt in one number and then detailed for some stranger to make a snap judgment about your future.  That number determines to us what kind of borrower you have been we then determine what kind of borrower you will be.  And let me tell you, the past definitely comes back to bite.

It makes me realize how different the system is that God runs.  Our “worth” isn’t determined by our past, by the good or bad decisions that we’ve made or how “in debt” we are.  Salvation is just as free to someone who has invested their life well as to someone who has squandered it.  I don’t pretend to know the inner workings of heaven’s rewards and who gets more jewels in their crown but isn’t it comforting to know that your poor choices aren’t piling up on some list that will be held over your head forever?  That is comforting to me.

My spiritual life and my finances often mirror each other in that I usually handle them decently well but there are times that I do impulsive things that mess me up.  How sweet to know that the loan officer of Heaven is never going to talk down at me, that though my bad credit may have consequences they will be for my benefit, that everything he does is out of love, that he is on my side.

You raise your credit score by paying off your debts and showing a good repayment history going forward.  Slowly, it will come up and you will prove yourself to be trustworthy to borrow money in the future.  In the same way, as we prove ourselves to be faithful with the blessings and opportunities that God gives us we will be entrusted with more, but the basic gifts of love and forgiveness are free regardless of the state of our spiritual credit.


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