Things to say.

Oh, blog.

This has been an interesting week full of many things and I’m overwhelmed.

First of all the interviews have started pouring in, I had one on Friday and then I went to three today and another is coming tomorrow.  It is encouraging in some ways because there is job getting potential, but also nerve wracking because I might not get any of them.  I know how easy it is to be passed over for someone with more experience or a foot in the door.

Second of all my brother got engaged and they have been up here visiting all week.  It is fun to be getting a new part of the family and at the same time weird to think this is going to be a forever type change.  Not just a new friend, but a new family member which is more involved.  Luckily she’s awesome, but it is still crazy.

Thirdly I may be getting a client for the administrative side of my business which is a first.  I’m excited about this because it is steady money and if I can build up a client base I will be way more flexible with my work.  I’m all about flexibility.  So that is cool, but there are agreements to be made and decisions and maybes and who knows?  God knows.

Fourthly there are just more things going on.

Do you ever feel like what you need the most in all the world is to be able to wake up late and spend a whole day sipping hot tea in front of a fireplace?  That is the kind of day I need to have.

Maybe this weekend.



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