A sigh of relief…

It has been a long few months of holding my breath about getting paid, finding a car, paying for the car, applying and interviewing for jobs and then this long drawn out wait while I get rejection after rejection.  Every phone call that comes in from one of the branches or departments I was applying to, every manager who starts out by saying how wonderfully I interviewed and how good they think I’m going to be with the company only to say that unfortunately they did not choose me at this time.

I’m employed.

It still isn’t permanent, it is a temporary position while someone is on maternity leave again but it is 3 months getting paid more and getting valuable experience.  It is a 45 minute drive but who cares?

Of course, it doesn’t mean that life will be easy or that all of my bills and loans will suddenly be taken care of with hundreds of dollars left over to spare, but it is the tiniest ease of tension in my life, the smallest reward, the quick sigh of relief.  It is God giving a good gift and reminding me of his presence.

Today is the day off that I’ve been craving since the work week began and I plan on spending it wrapped in blankets sipping hot tea.  Tomorrow will be filled with friends and music and laughter, but today is filled with peace and contentment and gratefulness.

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