Okay, okay.  I’ll blog already.

I’ve been busy living life and adding miles on my odometer like there is no tomorrow, when I finally pull into my driveway I want to relax and on the weekends I’ve been driving to visit friends and I have no time for you, blogosphere.

Actually there has been a lot of self-evalution going on in my life recently and nurturing of confidence in myself despite other people’s opinions/reactions.  I’ve found that when left to my own devices I rely heavily on what other people think to make choices instead of investing and really making the leap of faith myself.  Almost as if their opinion of me was more important than my ownership of myself before God.  (Almost.. I mean, of course.. I would never think that way.)

So there have been things that I have decided to invest my time and money in that perhaps aren’t what you would invest yours in, and perhaps my life will go through some rough points that may make it seem like I made bad choices, and maybe you will feel justified in thinking that you knew all along that it was a terrible idea, but do you know what?  Shove it.  🙂

I am my own woman.  *Insert superhero music*

People probably aren’t half as judgmental as I think they are, sorry for being so dramatic.  Of course you, my anonymous blog reader didn’t do anything to me personally and so if you felt affronted by that paragraph just disregard it.  It needed to come out somewhere and this where was preferable to most others.

Here’s some self-evaluation for you..

Food–needs work
Money–too impulsive, pull it together!
Hygiene–very good, considering.
Work–getting better all the time
Church–sporadic, too many weekend trips
Business Ventures–growing

There yah have it.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Self-Evaluation

  1. Ditto Carla!

    I’m thinking maybe I need some self-evaluation as well:
    Sleep–does <4 hours a night count?
    Money–too impulsive, pull it together!
    Hygiene–very good, considering.
    Weight–improving? hopefully?
    Work–LOVE IT!!! Its all I do, so I'd better love it…
    Church–Twice a month. Maybe? Gone too many weekends…
    Photography / Reading / Learning – practically forgotten…

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