Fighting for Your Own

Is Justice Worth It? feat. Micah Bournes from World Relief on Vimeo.

You never stop fighting for your own.

It is really easy to see a group of people such as “the poor” or “missionaries” or “human trafficking victims” and while we identify and believe in their causes we don’t have any sort of personal connection with them.  I’m not fighting for someone I know and love, I’m fighting for a generic idea of social morality.

I think Compassion does a great job of this by having you sponsor one individual kid.  I started sponsoring when I was 14 and have brought one child the whole way up through the program and am supporting two others right now.  Having written and received letters from Edgar, Tita and Festo over the years I’m invested in their lives.  That is one monthly bill that I make sure I pay before the others because it is important to me.  They are MY kids.

Another group that I think we glue together like that is “the youth” in our area.  Being involved in many youth groups, it is easy to just see them as a rowdy bunch of inappropriate kids who are too loud and make crude jokes.  Their emotions are sporadic, their interests can seem shallow and they don’t seem to have any sense of what is socially acceptable.  As a whole it is easy to blow them off.  But when you get to know them individually as human beings and you are involved in their struggles and victories they become one of your own.

One of my own is an amazing girl who started out being insecure and desperately dependent on her friends for self-worth.  She was engaged in some pretty obvious sin and also faithfully attending church… she didn’t seem to connect in her mind that those two things shouldn’t co-exist peacefully.  Through hours, weeks and months of discipleship she became a beautiful and independent young woman who found her worth in God and was committed to holiness through Christ.  I am proud to be able to call her one of my friends!

How can we make victims of human trafficking our own?


Check out The Exodus Road for ideas!

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