Dropping Anchor


My feet take another step
out of the thousands you have planned for me.
I know you keep your promises,
Even as time goes by and I ask why
I know you’ll finish what you started.

I’m a wandering pilgrim in a desert land
I’m a sojourning stranger, an alien,
This is not my home.
If you’d like I’ll tell you why I roam.

You called me out from where I had been
saying, “Leave all that you love behind.”

That’s an unfinished song.  I can’t get it to move past that point, but I love singing what I have written so far because I relate to it.  I feel like a wanderer, especially over the past few years when I decided to go to college, no wait.. I mean be a commuter.. or actually visit my brother in Guam and then travel across country sleeping on people’s couches, and then live at home working temporary positions and hope that eventually I’ll find something permanent.

My future seemed a lot like a drifting boat.  With the commute I have now it feels like I live out of my car/at different friend’s houses more than I live at home.

But today I dropped anchor.

I got a permanent position within the company I’m working for.  It is out by my college so I will be able to finish my degree in their evening/online program easily.  It is near friends and in a support system of people making some of the same future decisions I’m making and I think that this is the actual real life grown up moving out of the house deal.

God is so faithful in my wandering.  He has been the gentle wind and the invisible current pulling and pushing my little boat along this entire time.  I’m praying that he will use this being in one place thing as a new season and a new opportunity for me to be effective for him.  And… I’M SUPER EXCITED!!


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