let me hide myself in thee..


It has been a very emotionally hectic week.

The pendulum of my emotions has been swung from extreme hurt to forgiveness, then to bitterness and defensiveness and back to peace, on to excitement and then crashing down to panic and fear only to swing into anger and then change course completely to relief, happiness, worry and exhaustion.  This is not an exaggeration.. this is literally Monday through Saturday.

The only thing that I can say is that God has been faithful and constant through all of it.  Even though each of the situations I faced had the best possible outcome, I am really confident that even if they had not God would still have been faithful and constant.  I envision him being like that rock of ages against my back; something to lean against as the world crashes it’s craziness around me.

Rock of all the endless ages, be a cleft of rest for me.
When I face doubts and fears and changes, let me hide myself in thee..

Life in my family is very dramatic right now, everybody is doing their own stuff and life is moving very fast, but I feel like I can be confident about the future.  I can look forward and say that I can see God blessing us as we are and leading us to where we need to be.  We can be a help and encouragement to each other and we can pull each other through the rough spots.  I am so blessed to be part of a family that loves the way that my family does.  The love for each other and the utter reliance on God’s grace to get us through is so comforting.

I’ve also been deeply comforted by friends that have just stepped in and shown love at the perfect moments and my husband-to-be who is the other rock in my life.  Through this week I’ve needed and appreciated so much the people that God put around me, and I feel that it might benefit someone to read that when you are completely falling apart, God is always faithful and he always will be.

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