Help Us Catch a Pedophile.

You know how so many times we promote causes without giving practical avenues for action?  This is not one of those times.

I’ve been blogging for The Exodus Road and getting updates on the work they are doing with undercover investigations into trafficking in other countries.  They really specialize in finding sex trafficking and rescuing victims, and they have had amazing success.  So much success in fact, that the local police are asking for their help with open cases of pedophilia and underage sex industry.

Our goal as a team is to raise enough money to fund 30 days of investigations, which cost about $35 a night.  The funds go to the travel, lodging and investigative expenses.  We have one week to raise the funds before they start going out and I would love for you to join me in this practical way of fighting sex trafficking.  It is as easy as pulling out your phone!

With your smartphone, text the word “4thekids” to: 41444. You’ll immediately receive a link. Follow the link and make a tax-free donation with your credit card.

If you’d rather give online, you can donate here to give at The Exodus Road site. Write “bust pedophiles” in the comment section.

Click here to see how close we are to reaching our goal.

We can make a difference!  Be a part of the search and rescue mission with me!


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