Full Speed Ahead

At this stage in my life it is like I’m rushing toward 14 things at once and there is a good chance I’ll die on impact.

It isn’t that bad, I’m just being dramatic.  It is overwhelming to write out all the bills and all the income and balance those two; to decide carefully what is worth investing in for our future but also leave room for the daily things we need; to plan a wedding that is coming up sooner than I really comprehend; to fight with him over stupid things and realize there is no walking away.

We are going through a stage where the fighting has ramped up a bit and we annoy each other very easily, but it has been encouraging and reassuring to end each argument with a smile and a hug.  In his words, we are in this life together now and it will all be fine.

I’m the freaked-outer and he is the emotional rock.

In February I started with The LIFE Business which is a leadership development and community building group that offers subscription based books, DVDs and CDs and I have just been soaking that up like a sponge.  It has been years since I was so encouraged and challenged on a daily basis and I just love it.  It brings difficulties too, but all in all this is one of the most exciting things about my life right now.

So the wedding is coming, the bank account is constantly moving up and down, the job is challenging, the CDs are on repeat and the days are spent running from place to place and person to person.  Maybe I’ll stay ahead of the avalanche, but even if I don’t I’m choosing to listen to Jason and trust in God that today may be a horrible disaster but in the long run we are going to make it together.

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