I’ve been meaning to.

It has been a loooong time since the last post, and even longer since the last well thought through post. I would excuse it on wedding planning, but I haven’t done much of that so I don’t feel honest using that as a legit excuse.

I said to someone the other day: we will do some things and not do other things, and the day will come and then it will go. I used to really think that I would want all these cool details at my wedding but now that I’m actually planning it I’ve found that I don’t care. All the details create more stress than the final effect makes up for anyway.

We have been amazingly blessed by the people who have given us stuff for our wedding. Things like my dress, flowers, cake, sound equipment, music, photography and decor are going to be ridiculously cool all because so many people offered to help out. All together we have spent under $400 on everything including venue and license. That gives me $100 extra in my $500 budget that everyone thought I was joking about. 🙂

Of course without people’s generosity it would not be nearly as nice and I am so grateful, this really is a group effort wedding, how cool is that??

So there are 15 more days to plan the wedding and enjoy engagement. I’ve been meaning to do so many things, visits and gifts and projects.. but I’ve hit this wall that is just as far as I can handle right now and so I’m just relaxing and smiling at people instead of trying to be productive. I’d rather be pleasant and disorganized than stressed and make everything perfect.

So. It’s late and I’m going to crash. Goodnight!


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