We just had my bridal shower yesterday and it was so pretty that I decided to write up a little blog post about it so we could pin it!  So here is how to have a beautiful shower (or any kind of party) that is both meaningful and economical, just using things you might already have around the house.


My sister Sarah decided that our side yard was the perfect space to hold it, and we used the canopy we already had up for campfires.  I thought it was too small until we started putting it together and I realized that it was cozy and perfect instead of spread out like I would have done it.


Our Mom has a teapot collection and we also borrowed a bunch of teapots and cups from a friend.  Along with some candlesticks, vases and fresh flowers from our yard, these were the perfect décor.  We set them around on stools, ladders and even just on the ground.  Sarah had a bunch of folded origami stars that she strung up between two trees that looked great and spun around in the breeze.





We hung up two quilts from the house and pinned pictures of me at all ages to them, this created a great colorful backdrop, easy details and also something for people to look at.  The clothesline was in our basement and we just strung it up between a few trees and anchored it with clothespins.

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For the wedding we have been cutting out scrap paper and making garlands to hang around, and Sarah made a bunch from old sheets of music.  She hung them straight down and anchored them with table cloth weights so they were cute little spinny pillars.  So perfect!

Sarah found these cool candelabras that she hung on trees.  I loved the effect, the mixture between outdoor things and indoor things was perfect.


We borrowed metal folding chairs from our church and also used benches that we already had.  There were going to be some little girls in attendance and so we made sure to have some little wooden children’s chairs for them.  We ended up laying a quilt on the grass in the middle of the circle and filling it up with gifts.


Her theme was pies, so we made 6 different flavors: Red Raspberry, Rhubarb, Derby, Pumpkin, Peanut Butter and Apple Cheddar Walnut.  We served the pie with icecream and also some fun drinks like mint iced tea and fizzy strawberry lemonade.

When we sat down my Mom gave out a collection of items with scripture verses on them and had each lady read a verse, then she explained how it symbolized my marriage and gave me the different items that were the tools and ingredients you need to bake a pie.  There was a mixing bowl, a rolling pin, pie crust, spices and many more.  It was so neat to hear each verse and the explanation about the foundation, the daily tools, the spices and things that would be helpful in my marriage.


We avoided bridal shower games and instead just left ample time for people to mingle and talk.  It did end up raining so we moved up into the house, but still had a great time opening gifts and catching up.  All in all the only things we needed to buy were the pie ingredients, paper and plasticware and then the drinks.  Depending on what you have at home you might be able to do it for much less!

2 thoughts on “Showers.

  1. So sweet! I’m happy you took pictures… everything is beautiful! I’m so bummed I couldn’t be there!! What is derby pie?

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