To let Christ wound us.

Giving by John Ortberg, Laurie Pederson, Judson Poling

“Sometimes more is to be learned from the passages of Scripture we avoid or skim over than those we underline or post on our refrigerator. The Bible contains an arsenal of such verses on the subject of money and possessions, and they just keep firing away at us. The more we allow ourselves to grapple with these unsettling passages, the more we are pierced.

Our only options, it seems, are to let Christ wound us until he accomplishes what he wishes, or to avoid his words and his gaze and his presence altogether by staying away from his Word. The latter option is easier in the short run. But no true disciple can really be content with it.

By now some readers are long gone and others who remain are uncomfortable. I must admit that I share your discomfort. You may even be thinking, ‘I’d rather not deal with these issues. I’m content doing what I’m doing.’ But are you really content? Are any of us who know Christ, who have his Spirit within, really content when we haven’t fully considered his words? When we haven’t completely opened ourselves to what he has for us?

Comfortable, perhaps. Complacent, certainly. But not content. I, for one, hate to live with that nagging feeling deep inside that when Jesus called people to follow him he had more in mind than I’m experiencing. I don’t want to miss out on what he has for me. If he has really touched your life, I don’t think you do either.

For all these sobering implications, I must quickly add that for me the process of discovering God’s will about money and possessions, rather than being burdensome, has been tremendously liberating. My own growth and enlightenment in financial stewardship has closely paralleled my overall spiritual growth. In fact, it has propelled it. I have learned more about faith, trust, grace, commitment, and God’s provision in this arena than in any other.”


Thought from me:

This quote is firing away at my heart tonight.  I need to work on allowing Christ to wound me without pulling back and shielding myself from the pain.  If there is pain then there are areas that need to be scoured to remove the infection before it spreads.  I think there is a distinct difference between healing pain and infected pain, and while I know that this quote is really referencing finances and possessions, it hit me that I have been able to tell the difference in my heart this week.  There is some pain that needs to be scoured and other pain that needs to be bourn and not picked at.  People cause hurt with words and reactions and my goal is love regardless of what their motive was and how far off base they decided to stab.  And.. and.. sometimes you just need to go to bed and sleep off yesterday to find the grace for tomorrow.

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