the perfect wedding in which everything went weird and i didn’t care.

I have a new last name and a new person to consider with every thought and a new house to call my own.  It is full of wrapping paper and gifts, the man is catching up on his playstation thing after 5 days away from it and I am mentally processing everything that happened last week.  Tomorrow we begin the honeymoon phase II which will consist of finding places for all the stuff, doing laundry, being lazy and hopefully finding a new show on Netflix to love.

My wedding was beautiful, and you will get pictures as I get pictures, but let me tell you about some of the disasters and near disasters that went on so that you can truly appreciate how focused I was on getting to the alter that I literally did not care about any of it.  First of all I got sick the week before.  Not just like.. oh no, I don’t feel good sick.  This was like.. my spine is being ground together into bone dust, my insides are bleeding out and I probably have the black plague sick.  Combine that with having to work 25ish hours in the three days before the wedding and you will begin to understand how I felt.  It sucked.

I kept on losing bridesmaids, which sounds odd.  But out of the 7 that I was supposed to have I ended up inviting 9 and only 6 actually came.  That is a loss of 3 bridesmaids.  Do other normal people lose bridesmaids like that?  Sheesh.  I was down to 5 but the night before the wedding my brother Manny and sister in law Steffani surprised us by coming in from Guam and so we emergency stuck her in, which leads me to the next weird thing…

We needed another dress for Steffani and my sister Sarah’s dress fit her so we ended up CHOPPING UP MY MOTHER’S WEDDING DRESS THE NIGHT BEFORE MY WEDDING to make an extra bridesmaid’s dress for Sarah.  Let that sink in.  We had the dress on her body and Mom just started cutting while we looked on in absolute horror.  But it ended up being my favorite of all the dresses.

It had been threatening to rain all week and I had my heart set on my outdoor venue, then finally my phone showed a clear forecast but everybody else’s phones still said 40% chance of severe thunderstorms.  I waited till about an hour before the ceremony to bail and move it inside and then it ended up being sunny and beautiful the whole time.  DANG WEATHER APP.  But whatever, we got photos in my dream wedding spot anyway.

Also, my friend who was supposed to be playing the music during the ceremony BAILED about two hours before the wedding at which point I was just like.. really?  What kind of person does that?  But we were saved by an amazing friend with a sound system who played the perfect music and it was probably even better.  All the pictures went great, the reception was great, the cake (which my aunt made us and I had no idea what it would look like) was an amazing cupcake tree, we had a canoe full of drinks which was a ton of fun and I got to see so many people and best of all I was married at the end of it.  We drove away with a car full of goodies and a week off work.

So we get 4 more days of laziness before real life sets in.   I like just getting to hang out with him 24/7 without having to go home at night, the hanging out continues till we are too tired to talk anymore.  It’s nice.

I’ll leave you with my favorite picture so far.  🙂


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