We are car shopping, which is exciting news because it means that Jason can finally get out of what he has nicknamed “the coffin”; a black PT Cruiser that he bought almost 4 years ago and realized right away was going to be a big problem.  Between perpetual flat tires, discovering the previous owner’s homemade fixes (A soda can valve replacement?  Really??) and a constant leak of brake fluid, this vehicle has just been a nightmare.  We need to get him out of it, and thank God we are finally able to.

But car shopping has proven more difficult than we had anticipated.  We need so many factors to all come together from the type of car, the mpg, the price and the value vs. out the door cost.  Prayer and driving around and internet searches out the wazoo have yielded no results.. or at least no results that we have liked enough to act on.  Then we also have to consider a new bill to pay each month.  This whole process has left me feeling so out of control.  I’ve always been the planner and the practical one, but now I have to trust Jason to make a wise choice, not only with what car he picks but how far in debt it will put us and moving forward, sticking to a budget to be able to afford whatever we choose.  I really thought that I did trust him, but this situation has opened my eyes to how little I do.

At first that thought left me carsick and wanting to hide in my bed and try not to think about leaving my financial future in the hands of my husband who tends to think that most of the practical cars are girly.  But then I realized that we HAVE prayed, we HAVE discussed all of the factors, and I DO trust him to make a good choice, even if that choice is more money than I would have spent.

Anyway, just another way that God is showing himself to me and exposing my weakness.  Please pray for us as we wait for him to provide!

One thought on “control-less.

  1. I get a sick stomach every time we have to spend a lot of money too. I have learned, after almost 20 years of marriage, that God is in control and takes us places that we would never dare to tread ourselves:) Blessings to you as you make this decision!

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