The Gift.

This all started, at least for me, when Jason didn’t get me a present for my birthday.  He didn’t forget my birthday, he was super sweet and told me he loved me and everything.. but no gift, no flowers, no dinner. 

At first I was okay, I’ve come to accept the fact that we show love in completely different ways and even though for me it is gifts and acts of service that fill my love tank, I know that he doesn’t always do those things and that doesn’t reflect his actual feelings for me.  But then the girls at work got me flowers and everybody that came into the branch wanted to know what my new husband had done for my birthday, and I made up a lame story about how he was getting me something later.  Because surely birthday gifts are just standard, right?  Everybody in a relationship gets their significant other a gift on their birthday, and I didn’t need a huge gift, just something to represent our love for each other like a card or a home cooked meal or SOMETHING.

But there wasn’t anything.  So I tried to push it out of my mind, we went about life as usual and I tried not to bring it up because I didn’t want to be that wife who rubs things in her husband’s face. 

(Three months go by…)

We were out to dinner the other night and for some reason it did come up in conversation, and Jason said, “Wow, that really wasn’t my most shining moment, was it?”.  I laughed, but also I got kinda mad, because my husband doesnt need to feel bad for not getting me a gift.  I don’t want him to ever feel like I need specific material things in order to be happy with him; I’m happy with him for being himself, for loving Jesus, for going to work and coming home and smiling at me.  I don’t need a present just because it is a normal thing to do on some particular day. 

So I’m sitting on my chair writing something on the computer when he comes in from wherever he was at and says, “There’s something on the table for you.” And then goes right on about whatever he was doing.  I nod, didn’t really register what he had told me until a few minutes later he says, “aaaaand it’s still on the table for you..”

On the table in the kitchen is a brand new Nook HD with a pretty purple case. 

I don’t know exactly how long he had been thinking about getting it, if it was in response to our conversation or if it was because he saw it in the store and decided spur of the moment to buy me a gift.  The point is that he expressed his love for me and I was touched.  He really is the sweetest guy. 

So, not a birthday present.  But a love present, which is infinitely better.

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