becoming a cat person.

Tonight on this dark and dreary Thanksgiving eve, I drove downtown and picked up the newest member of our little eclectic family.  As of yet he is nameless, but still a very cute little black and white kitten.  Nothing really fits him yet, but a name is brewing..

(Gulliver?  Aero?  Dallas?)

I’ve always thought kittens were cute but I’ve never been a cat person at all.  They pounce on things and they have claws and sharp teeth, they hiss at you and snub you.. dogs are so much simpler to me.  But Jason loves cats and they are much easier to take care of so that is what we decided on.

(Landry?  Witten?  Malachi?)

The one and only time that I’ve really been at ease around cats was with my friend Macy who has two amazing cats named Khloe and Newly.  Maybe it is because I hear about them so often, but they have personalities to me and I actually enjoyed interacting with them when I visited.  I think that visit is what made me decide that I have the potential to enjoy owning a cat.  Surely I’ll like a cat that actually belongs to me?

(Guida?  Romo?  Kofi?)

When [kitten] and I got home, I opened the box that he had been transported in and just let him come out in his own time.  He was hissy and jumpy so I didn’t want to dive in and grab him, though now I think I should have because what ended up happening was he climbed out and immediately hid under the chair.  No amount of coaxing got him to move.  I immediately texted Macy for help and learned about the power of STRING.  Amazing stuff!

(Yoshi?  Gideon?  Case?)

[Kitten] would play, but he wouldn’t let me touch him and it was starting to feel personal.  I know his claws aren’t that big, but I don’t want to stick my hand in the danger zone.  This is why I don’t like cats!  Let him stay under the chair forever!  See if I care!

Then Jason came home and started playing with him like an expert cat whisperer, pulling the string with one hand and petting [kitten] with the other.  He is the one that finally got him scooped up and we fawned over him for a few minutes, hoping that the attention would get him and he would magically become a lap cat.. no luck.  He was back under the chair at the first opportunity.

(Walter?  Miles?  Griffin?)

Macy had said to show him where the litter box was, so I coaxed him out, took him to the bathroom and set him in it.  After twenty seconds he had found a way to weasel in under our bathroom vanity and sat in the darkest corner, spitting and hissing if you reached in for him.  I was convinced that I had gotten a defective kitten.

(Riggins?  Cohen?  Jaxon?)

This little mewling hissy bundle of fluff and claws is adorable but not confineable.  I’m realizing that he has his own little personality that requires love and attention and consistency before relationship.  That I can’t get a living animal and expect it to have the personality traits that I want immediately.. or maybe ever.  Isn’t that the way we are with people though?  We deal with our friends or co-workers, get married, have kids.. and we expect living breathing dysfunctional people to act the way we want them to act.

It is hard not to be disappointed that the first night of pet ownership I’m not cuddling with my little fuzzball on the couch, but I find myself thinking that I have to give [kitten] space to get used to new people and a new place.  I need to get to know him and love him the way he is, maybe always loving him into a little more cuddling than he’d like until we find a balance.  Strange that a kitten teaches me lessons about relationships with people, but in the same way I’m learning to not expect a certain personality or certain morals out of people that may have completely different thought patterns and upbringings.  When you bring a new person into your life you have to love who they are and how they think, even if it is different, then perhaps build a relationship strong enough to hold more later on.

(Judah?  Leo?  Shammah?)

Name suggestions and any other helpful hints are welcome below!



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