If I Were God…

If I were to summarize the past 5 years of what God has been teaching me, this would be it. He is faithful even when I am proven faithless, he is true when every man is a liar, he gave his greatest gift when we were still sinners and thus we know what love is.

Bit o' Betty

If I were God I would have given up on me a long time ago. If I were God I would be so frustrated and disappointed in the fact that I forget, fail, and feign loving Him time after time after time. If I were God I would have chosen a daughter who would naturally be more consistent in praying to me, more thoughtful in honoring me, and more quick to obey me.

Good thing I’m not God.

Good thing that God is not surprised by my selfishness, or worried about my worries. Good thing that He is faithful when I am faithless, and He is gracious when I am grace-less.Good thing that the Gospel prevails over all my unbelief. Good thing my salvation is not based on my deeds, good or bad, and that His steadfast love for me does not waiver based on my behavior.  It’s a good…

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