i lost my umph.

After weeks of thinking how much I’d love to rearrange our bedroom, I finally decided to tackle the project at 9:30pm tonight (I feel so bad for Carol our downstairs neighbor).  I remember when we were kids my sister and I would rearrange our room about once a month, it baffles me now that we found that many different ways to place furniture, but we did it.  Mom would always instruct us to plan it first and we would get out the graph paper and measure walls and the beds and dressers then create a tiny replica of our room and move the pieces back and forth.  I don’t know why we didn’t keep them after the first time, but I’m pretty sure we created a new little map on a regular basis.

We finally would get started and at first there is a thrill of seeing the big pieces move, clear spaces being revealed and our vision would be amazing of how cool our new room was going to be.  But there is always this part about halfway through, when the big stuff has been placed and you have to address the piles of knick knacks and clothes that you didn’t feel like putting neatly away before starting the huge project.  You clear a tiny space off the corner of your bed and sit down and wonder.. how in the world is this ever going to get done?  Am I even going to have a place to sleep tonight?  Why did I start this ridiculously large project so late?

I’m sitting next to a pile of questionably clean clothes, looking at a TV that needs an extension cord (that we don’t have) because where I want to put it is too far away from the electrical outlet.  Jason came in and looked at my progress and then pointed out that in putting the bed against an interior wall I’m subjecting myself and others more readily to whatever noises may be coming from either side of the wall. I’m pretty sure my phone is somewhere under the questionable pile, I know that we don’t have enough dresser space for all of the clothes because I just put the clean ones away and I’m tempted to donate everything that is not currently in a drawer to Goodwill.

I lost my umph.  This project is doomed to fail.  Our inferior garage sale furniture will never look as pretty as Pinterest and the infernal baseboard heat that doesn’t even work anymore is keeping every piece of furniture 2 1/2 inches out from the wall which looks ridiculous.  I just want to push the entire pile off of the bed and go to sleep.

When I get to a spot like this, the only thing to do is push through it.  Scale the mountain of junk and take it apart piece by piece, putting each one somewhere.  Imagine how pretty curtains will look in here and think of how I can find a tutorial for making a cool headboard that will soundproof that wall a little bit, maybe even think of a pretty color to paint the Ugliest Dresser Known To Man and give it new drawer pulls.

I have to start with one little section and make it pretty because that inspires me to make the next section pretty, so I cleaned off one of our beautiful deep windowsills and set up my jewelry box, mirror and candles.  That is just enough to help me muster the gumption I need to clear this bed off before Jason tries to come to sleep and finds Mt. Everest on his side of the mattress.

Oh, life!


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