Not so distant future.

I’m trying to start this blog post but I can’t find a good entry point into the story.  There are so many places to say that the story may have started; so many tiny details that might not be interesting to the average reader but they pull it all together for me.  But maybe I’ll start on Christmas Eve because that was the classic beginning, and if the rest seems important I’ll try to fit it in.

Jason and I set out on a last minute shopping trip, starting with the GameStop that he works at part time for a gift card we were getting my brother.  It was around 3:30pm when we were walking out and the cashier said, “See you at 4!”  We paused.. “For what?”  “For your shift, you are on the schedule at 4 today.”

Suddenly the night that was going to be our romantic and magical first Christmas Eve turned into me wandering around stores by myself looking for gifts for Jason’s family.  I was disappointed and feeling sorry for myself but I got over it eventually and came home with bags of gifts and plans to spend my night wrapping presents before my husband got home.

I don’t know how to explain the next part without telling you that I was in a car accident earlier that month and had gone to the chiropractor for treatment.  They took me in for an exam and X-rays but the machine wasn’t working.  Another tech came in to look at it and asked me off-handedly, “Is there a chance you are pregnant?”  “No.  Oh.. well, actually yes, I suppose.”  After 27 years of answering that question automatically it threw me to realize that there is a chance.  Even though it would have been super super early, they decided to wait on the X-rays until I knew for sure.  So one of the things I had grabbed at the store was a test because that would be faster than trying to wait on my period which isn’t always consistent.

So I peed on the stick and walked away to unload more stuff, and when I came back.. there were two lines.  I don’t really remember taking the second test, but the next thing I knew I was sitting in the bathroom staring at four pink lines on a set of pregnancy tests and thinking.. how is it possible for your entire life to change in a split second?  Nothing has changed but everything is different.  My 11 year old self replays in my mind when I was asked what I want to be when I grew up and answered, “A wife and a mother.”

A few months before I had seen the perfect onesie on Etsy and bought it so I would have it on hand to tell Jason that he was going to be a dad when the time came.  So I rummaged in my sock drawer and pulled it out, then wrapped it in his Christmas present.  How in the world did I find out on Christmas Eve?  Does timing get any better than that?

That night we opened gifts, and as he pulled the onesie out he said, “This is cool, is it for our future kids?”

“Not so distant future, honey.”

I would not trade anything for the look on his face the moment it hit him, and how he choked up and all he could say was, “Really?  Really?”

So that is the short story.  I could tell you about how I made my friend Skype with me from Japan on Christmas day because I couldn’t hold it in until Jason got home, the decision to wait until we talked to a doctor before we told more people, how hard it was to spend Christmas and New Years with family and not blurt it out, how we went on a road trip with my sister trying to hide morning sickness, how I was so nervous to tell my parents that it took me 6 hours into the visit to work up the nerve and when I finally did I told them we were getting a new roommate.

All of a sudden the only thing I can think about is money, daycare, diapers and maternity leave.  I gag at the smell of practically every food, Jason washes the dishes and cooks because I can’t stand it and I’ve been sick consistently for a month.

But we are going to be parents at the end of the summer and I couldn’t be more excited!



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