10 things.

  1. My chiropractic progress report showed a 70% decrease of symptoms over the past 4 months and a 30% increase in overall range of motion and strength.  Hooray for chiropractic!
  2. Tux is finally scheduled with the SPCA to get neutered.  Yay for us, but poor Tux..
  3. I am officially 18 weeks preggers, only a few weeks till the big gender reveal!
  4. I’m building a website for a local non-profit who will be forming a restoration house for victims of human trafficking.  It is a dream come true for me to get to assist in this cause and I hope to get even more involved in the future.
  5. My love for the local farmer’s market has been rediscovered.  Especially at this point in pregnantness when I want to eat everything in sight, it is mucho helpful for everything in sight to be healthy.
  6. Our tax return was an answer to prayer this year and we are looking forward to next year in great anticipation for the baby child to double (or triple?) it.
  7. I did not realize how unsupportive our big living room chair was until last weekend when we got a reclining love seat.  The difference in lumbar support is cray.
  8. My hair and fingernails are freaking incredible.
  9. Jason’s football season has started and I am enjoying getting to watch him excel at what he loves.  Come hang out with me at a game some Saturday!!
  10. Apparently, I’ve been saying whacked out things in my sleep that keep my husband very amused.  Last night it was something about a cookie sheet that I swore was getting a row of cookies on it every time he kissed my head.  I was so mad at him because he wouldn’t stop and the cookies were getting stacked on top of each other, but all he knew was that being kissed was making me angry and I kept saying that there were too many and they were all going to burn.

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