I may be weak..

Yeah, I’m reblogging my own blog. So what? You got a problem with that? This old post hit me in the conscience tonight and I felt the need to share the conviction. 🙂

Righteous Tree

Of course my last weeks in Guam will be packed full of spiritual and emotional intensity, right?  So God rocked my world a bit yesterday and then pounded it home this morning and I’ve spent the whole day enjoying my friends whilst mulling over deep things in the back of my mind.  The gist of it is that a friend of mine confronted me in an area of my life that I have been complacent and gave me sufficient motivation to make some changes.  That makes it sound neat and pretty but in fact it involved tears and threats and rage blackouts.. well, maybe not that intense.  But it was certainly not my finest moment.  My sin nature does not like being exposed for what it is.

So while I was sitting in church listening to a sermon about adultery, my brain started pulling out principles and truths relating to my…

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