a new song maybe..


i shouldn’t share these things until they are finalized.  but these days my creativity comes in weird spurts, and i kinda love the idea of this song, so you get it in all of it’s unfinished glory.

It might be called Leper.  Or something to that nature.

Don’t touch me, for I am a leper
and I don’t want to give it to you.
My heart is as sick as my body.
Don’t come near me now.
A word from my mouth
is as fatal as the touch of my hand.

Don’t love me, for I am a sinner
with the mark of black death on my soul.
I’m hell-bound with nothing to stop me.
Don’t come near me now.
The disease in my heart
runs as rampant as the plague on my breath.

The sin and the sickness inside me
Leaves my spirit black and turns my skin white
And I fear that if I let someone touch me
I’ll curse another soul with my plight.  (these lines are iffy)

You sit at the edge of my vision
and you words cut like light through my dark  (ehh..?)
You say that once you were a leper…

I can see the old scars on your body
from the illness that eats from inside
(something about a healer?  a cure?)

(an amazing satisfactory but not cliche ending!)

So, as you can see it falls apart at the end.  And maybe you don’t love it or you don’t get it and that’s cool.  I think that for me, drawing parallels between physical and spiritual things is just my groove.  I relate to the idea that sin is like a disease killing you slowly from inside, and the need to keep others away because you don’t want it to rub off on them.  Like, stay away from me because my bitterness is contagious and I don’t want you to catch it!  Maybe the Bible and prayer are like washing you hands and taking antibiotics.  Too far?  Sorry.

Anyway, maybe those last verses/bridges/whatever will come to me and I’ll record it when my throat isn’t sore from a real disease I caught from my husband.  Let me know what you think of my song, and if you have any suggestions, and if I should scrap it and never write again or whatever.  🙂


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