i think we’re gonna make it.

After the baby showers were over, I went through the registry again looking at what all we had and what was left.  There was quite a bit left, but really when it came down to it, all I felt that were absolutely necessary were like 5 things.  Not even big huge things.  I’m talking, affordable on a cheap-o level type things.  And it hit me.. I think that we are going to make it.

I don’t mean that to sound like I previously thought that we were going to crash and burn, but to realize that if I went into labor tonight and we brought a baby home tomorrow (or however long it is until they let you go home) we would have plenty of supplies and gear to last us for awhile.  We wouldn’t be missing some essential thing that would throw us into a panic.  We wouldn’t be running around scrambling and scraping cash together to buy some vital supply.  Unless I’m totally overlooking something, which is possible.

We are going to be okay, and all there is to do now are the last minute preparation things that really could wait until after she is here.  Except the child birthing class next Saturday, I do feel like we should try to make it to that before the big day.  My biggest worry is that I get the house cleaned up so I don’t have friends and family walking into a monsoon of junk when they come to help us out, and even if they do I guess it will just be more obvious what they can do to help us out.

So anyway, I don’t have anything profound to say or any exciting update to give.  I’m just sitting here looking at baby stuff and wondering where in the world to store it, feeling my little girl protest when I don’t sit up straight and thinking that everything is probably going to be okay.


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