An update,

1.  We have gotten to the point where I don’t care anymore that it will hurt.

2.  Both my co-workers and members are betting on how much longer it will be.

3.  The midwife set my appointments for next week saying that she doubts that I will make it to them.

4.  Lots of gross stuff has been happening to my body recently.  You don’t want to know.

5.  My mom is trying to track my progress from Gettysburg.  I’ve stopped answering when she asks me how many contractions I’ve had and how far apart they are.

6.  Sarah keeps asking me to wait till Friday when she will be here, and I helplessly shrug.

7.  I am awakened most nights with contractions that I’ve been told are helping to get stuff ready but they don’t feel like they are doing jack squat.

8.  Another day at work seems like more than I am capable of.

9.  Our old friend nausea has returned.

10.  I secretly pray multiple times daily that my water will break.

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