Bible Journaling

So I started painting in my Bible.

I probably first saw the concept on Pinterest, there were all these pins of Bible pages with big splashes of color and creative lettering, and I fell in love at first sight.

Lately, my time in the Bible has felt dry.  Not because God’s word is dry, because it is vibrant and convicting and incredible, but I just felt like my heart and mind were full of other things and distracted.  I would read a passage and none of it would stick out to me, I would find myself skimming and my mind wandering off.

But when I decided to color in my Bible, something changed.  I went to a Psalm that I loved and had seen a saying that I liked and decided to give it a go.


There was something about slowing down, writing out the words and coloring them in that helped me to really mediate on that idea.  God DOES fill my life with good things.  He gives good gifts to his children.  He is such a wonderful God and so worthy of worship, I need to praise him for how wonderful he is.


I got ambitious and tried a full page spread.  I had been reading the rainbow promise and wondering how that really applied to our lives today.  I mean, so God promised not to flood the earth again.  But in the last days, (which could be any time now) he will burn it and junk, so is that really a relevant promise at this point?  Then I thought about it and realized, it wasn’t just about flooding the earth, it was about wiping out mankind and starting over.  He promised that he would never start over again, he committed to carrying out his work with us, no matter how corrupt we get.  THAT is a relevant promise.


Then I went a little crazy and tried watercolor.  ACTUAL PAINT IN MY BIBLE, EEK.  And it did bleed through a bit, but I don’t mind as much as I thought I would.  I was on a “God’s Promises” roll and so I moved on to Abraham and thought about what it would be like to have God say to me, “I dare you to try to count the stars.. I’m going to bless you more than that.”


Sometimes it will just be a verse that hits me when I’m paging through.  I haven’t tried to read straight through a book again yet, though I’m planning on it soon.  But often I’ll be reading and song lyrics will jump into my mind that illustrate the scripture perfectly.  Lyrics do powerful things to me, I have always always been touched deeply by music.


This is another watercolor project, and today I actually bought acrylic paint to try, which is a whole different ball game.  So far this has been really helping me to focus on my time in the Bible, and I am excited to continue with it.

I have always loved that God is a creator.  He makes stuff, he is artistic!  Getting to use art to meditate on his word makes me feel like my creativity is one of the ways that I am “made in the image of God”.  He made me creative like him.

If you want to try this out and have questions, let me know!  I would love to help you get connected and inspired.  I actually started an Etsy shop of prints and stencils to use in your journaling Bible, so check it out!

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