be all there.

I’ve been so busy and so stressed, that sometimes I have to stop and remind myself to treasure each of these moments.  I’ll realize that I’m on my phone when I could be making Eden laugh, or capturing the last of her toothless grins on camera.  I get frustrated that she wakes up all night when I could be cherishing the chance to cuddle her close while it lasts.  At this stage I feel like she learns a new thing every day, and I want to be fully present to appreciate each milestone.

My new job and change of babysitter upped my commute from 15-20 minutes to more like an hour.  I don’t love being in the car that long, but getting to commute with Eden is fun.  I’m glad to have her with me for the extra 45 minutes in the morning, even if “with me” is just listening to me sing songs to her or napping in her car seat.  I think that being a working mom is helping me to be jealous of every minute that I can hold her and talk to her, I don’t want to take these short years for granted.

One thing I love about my life is our family dynamic.  Jason has taken to being a dad like a pro, and Eden is obsessed with him.  Their relationship makes me all sappy and teary eyed.  Every little girl should be crazy about her Daddy.  And every Momma should get that fuzzy feeling when she sees her man getting wrapped up in his child.  So beautiful.  *snif!*

One of the quotes that gets repeated among my MMR friends over and over is from Jim Elliot: “Wherever you are, be all there.” I always thought that was a great quote, but sometimes things don’t internalize in me as deeply until I have a moment of realization.  When my baby outgrows one of my favorite onesies.. be all there.  When my husband and daughter are having a staring contest.. be all there.  When we drive down to see family.. be all there.

I want to challenge myself to be present in my real life and avoid screens when I have the option of interacting with people.  I want to think back to these days and have a hundred stories to be able to tell when we get older and Eden asks what she was like as a baby.  I want my default to be a conversation, not checking Facebook.  Will you join me?



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