Tricked – Sex Trafficking in North America

Last night, Jason and I watched Tricked, a documentary about sex trafficking in North America.  It was definitely graphic and there was a lot of language and sex, but it did a great job of showing the realities of the industry.

The people being interviewed had such sad stories: like a police officer and family who wanted to adopt a teenage girl out of the sex trade and were told it wasn’t a good idea, a woman remembering that she used to charge $30 for a blow job and $50 for sex, and a young teenager who had told her story over and over again but the cops never had enough proof to arrest the people who forced her to commit sexual acts for money.

We watched men talk about buying sex as if it were another monthly bill, and commenting on how the price of pussy has come down with the recession.  An older man talked about how he has always paid for sex and doesn’t care if the women are willing or not as long as he gets his money’s worth.

One of the cops interviewed said that we are past the time when pimps target troubled teens and runaways.  They are in the movie theaters and malls, they are targeting teens as young as 11, pretending to be their boyfriends and then beating them and threatening to kill their families if they don’t comply.  They are told that the cops aren’t on their side, and in many cases that is true.  These women are seen as prostitutes and rarely treated as victims.  Another cop said that if someone did this to his daughter he would kill them, which would be unfortunate because he would be in jail, but he said there is not justice enough for taking away someone’s future, their innocence, and their choice of what to do with their life.

If this issue has ever grabbed your attention, watching this documentary.  It is on Netflix!

Nonprofits like The Exodus Road, Love146 and North Star Initiative are fighting sex trafficking right now and you can help!

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