Flipping through my Bible Journal.

It seems that Bible journaling has taken off in the time since I have started doing it.  The Facebook community went from 5,000 to 13,000 in just a few months, and so many people are asking questions like how to get started and what supplies you need.

One of my favorite things about this is that you don’t need fancy art supplies, though they can be fun.  My favorite splurge was my black and white Faber-Castel pens, which were like $5-$7 each.  I use a Micron pen to write or outline, but I think you could use any black pen you have.  Then I picked up acrylic paints for $0.50 a bottle at Walmart and watercolors that I bought for $5 at Target, and I use those often.

The real point is that you spend time with God in his word.  If you use a ballpoint pen and crayons, that is fine.  If you print stuff off the internet and paste it in your Bible, that is fine.  If you trace stuff, that is fine.  Don’t let pride or shame hold you back from using art as a vehicle for worship in your life.


This is in Psalm 119.  I decided that I didn’t even need to try to draw something, I just wanted to convey how I feel when I read through this chapter.  The words keep coming, flowing over my soul like a waterfall, a constant stream of confirmation that God is good, good, good.  This is acrylic paint that I brushed on thinly so it wouldn’t bleed through, then I wrote alternately with my Micron and Faber-Castel pens.


In my family we have a tradition of each person sharing a mini-sermon at our Easter sunrise service, and as I was preparing my sermon I wanted to journal in Romans.  This is the line that jumped out at me, because I have always been fascinated by the over-arching redemption story.  I applied acrylic paint with an old credit card and after it dried, wrote over it with my white Faber-Castel pen.  I used the Micron pen to outline the letters.


This is my new favorite entry ever.  On Easter Sunday I sketched it with a ballpoint pen in church and when we got home that afternoon I used my cheap Target watercolors to paint it.  I was not careful and it did bleed through to the other side.  I used a red Micron pen for the letters and finished it with white Faber-Castel pen dots.


For this entry, I wanted to express surrender.  I had been dealing with a lot of stress and I just felt like it was time to put my head down and just let God do his God-thing.  I sketched the image with a Micron pen and then went over it with Faber-Castel, then I used watercolors to paint the girl.  The background is acrylic paint and then white Faber-Castel lettering with Micron and black Faber-Castel pen for the outlines.


I do love this entry.  It is my one big purchase, a $20 stamp set.  I really have not used it that often though, so it was probably unnecessary.  I started using it a lot and then found myself starting to get focused on how things looked instead of just enjoying the time with God regardless of how it turned out.  But stamps can be great, especially if you hate your handwriting.

I hope that looking through my Bible can encourage you to start journaling, even if you decide to do it in a sketch book or somewhere else.  I have found that it helps me focus instead of skimming through the scripture, and it has been a great outlet for all the emotions that have gone along with a very crazy season of my life.

Happy painting to you!


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