Parenting Misconceptions

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My TimeHop app tells me that one year ago today I posted a blog entry called Marriage Misconceptions, so I thought.. wouldn’t it be funny if I did a parenting version?  Yeah?

So here goes.

I thought that kids would cost us a ton of money.  This just hasn’t been true.  We have been blessed by a wonderful ministry that lets us pick used clothes and gear and we donate back to it when we are done, we feed her what we eat, and we save a lot of money using cloth diapers.  The only money that I spend on Eden is when I get some random thing in my mind that I have to try, and it rarely works the way I think it will.  Oh, I lied.  Childcare was significant money, but even that didn’t make the dent in our finances that I thought it would.  We had less so we spent less.

Everyone said our lives would change completely.  They did, but not in the way I thought they would.  I thought the adjustment would be lack of sleep and becoming a full time care giver.  But the real difference has been in my priorities.  All of a sudden I’m completely obsessed with this kid.  It wasn’t like I resented her neediness, I just abruptly and seamlessly became her personal guard dog.  My life definitely changed, but I didn’t even really notice it.

We would follow the __________ method.  In parenting it seems like everything has a label.  If I were to label everything we do, we would be defined as: Breastfeeding, Cloth Diapering, Baby Wearing, Co-Sleeping and then Bed Sharing, Baby Led Weaning, Montessori, Attachment Parenting people.  My friend Kelly would shorten that to hippie parents.  (Jason would be appalled to be called a hippie.)  In actuality, we follow all of these methods to a certain extent, but really we just go through each day and do what works best.  It is weird to talk to other parents who hear that I do one of these things and then either get super excited like they found someone from their same cult or they get very distant like I am judging them for their parenting choices.

Those are a few, I don’t have the energy to think up more.  Basically, parenting is being given a tiny living child and knowing that you are responsible to keep it alive, make sure it is developing properly, don’t let it become a brat, teach it to be a law abiding & productive citizen, and pray every day that God fills in all of the gaps.  Being a parent is a constant reminder that I am inadequate, and a constant guide back to the foot of the cross where God is more than willing to make up for what I lack.

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