a year of firsts.


We spent today recovering from birthday weekend.  You could tell Eden was wired from all the people and sugar.. today was full of happy spurts and frequent melt downs.  Her one year well child visit was this evening and that capped off an exhausting day.  The first exhausting year is over.

My first year as a momma has been full of dramatic highs and lows, but God and my family have been constant.  Days that were hard to deal with only took a baby snuggle to correct my perspective.  This child needs a mom who is focused on her and advocates for her.. and I am resolved to be that mom.

She has grown from a fussy newborn to a chatterbox toddler.  Nothing in my house is safe from her exploring.  She is fearless and outgoing.  She smiles at strangers and blows kisses to her daddy.  Her joy is contagious.

She also started whining and screeching.. where did that come from??  She isn’t good at interacting gently with other kids.  She clings to me more than is convenient.

I love both the amazing and the exhausting things about her.  I pray that I can train her properly and that my weaknesses don’t overlook bad habits.  I spend significant time hoping that I don’t turn her into a brat.  I think that especially since I became a stay at home mom the weight of making sure she turns out okay is very heavy on my mind.

I am so excited for the year to come.  We get to experience her getting steadier on her feet, learning to talk, really getting to interact more.  My two big goals for Eden are to get better at reading books in order (rather than turning pages randomly) and learn how to be gentle and sweet with other children.  Good luck with that, eh?

Well, we both got shots tonight and it is time to get to bed for me.  I thank God for where we are right now, for this beautiful year that we have had, and for the exciting years to come.  He is so good to us!

2 thoughts on “a year of firsts.

  1. I love the name Eden. That was going to be my baby’s middle name if he was a girl, but he’s a boy 🙂 I totally understand the feeling of really not wanting to screw my kid up since being his mom is my full time job. It’s like I don’t have an excuse. Good joy making it through year one!

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